DP primaries Turn Bloody

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Democratic Party supporters in Masaka district are demanding for the cancellation of the party grass root election, which have resulted in clashes. Over 10 people have so far been injured in the clashes, while 20 others are being held. On Thursday last week, Democratic Party started conducting party elections at all levels, ahead of their delegates' conference. However, the grass root elections have sharply divided DP supporters into bitter factions. Agnes Mayanja, an officer with the DP electoral commission says the factions belong to John Kawanga, the Masaka Municipality MP, and Matthias Mpuuga, a Buganda Kingdom official who wants to unseat Kawanga. Mayanja explains that the DP supporters in Nyendo, Kyabakuza, Kimanya, Katwe-Butego, and Ssenyange polling centers have confused this grassroots election with the election of Members of Parliament for Masaka municipality. // Cue in: iSome people#i Cue out: i#members of parliament.i// On Sunday more than 10 DP youths from Kilumba zone, Nyendo, and Hospital ward were injured when clashes broke out between members of the rival camps. Trouble started when Kawanga's supporters led by Lukanga Majwala, the Masaka municipal speaker heard rumors that Mpuuga had hired NRM youths to disrupt polls. The youths attacked fellow DP supporters and assaulted them accusing them of being NRM supporters. Chris Jjumba one of the injured DP youths says he was attacked and subsequently stopped from participating in the election yet he is a registered DP delegate from Muteesa One Royal University. Jjumba says the election must be stopped because the polling officials are biased. // Cue in: iChairman of the#i Cue out: i#National Executive.i// Chaos has also marred DP polls in Kimanya, Soweto, Bwala, and Kyabakuza forcing anti riot police to quell clashes. DP members are accusing their electoral commission officials identified as Liras Mayanja, and Paul Lusiba of siding with MP John Kawanga's camp. Ben Bukenya, the Masaka Democratic Party chairperson says he has intervened to stop further fights during the elections. He explains that he has summoned both MP Kawanga and Mpuuga, the Buganda kingdom official to try and calm down their supporters. On Saturday, police arrested Charles Zziwa, the Nyendo-Ssenyange division councilors for commanding an assault on John Kawanga's supporters.