Dr Eric Adriko Installed As Muni University Chancellor

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President Yoweri Museveni today officially commissioned Muni University in Arua district and installed Dr Eric Adriko as its first Chancellor.

President Yoweri Museveni today officially commissioned Muni University in Arua district and installed Dr Eric Adriko as its first Chancellor.

Muni, a public university was established in 2013 by Statutory Instrument No. 31, in accordance with the Universities & Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2006. 

During the installation, President Museveni described Adriko as a man who has accomplished all tasks assigned to him. Museveni however said that when he wanted to push Adriko up in the government, people in Arua rejected him. He says as a new university, there wouldn't be a better chancellor to steer Muni than Dr Adriko.

Adriko served in various capacities in Museveni's government including as first deputy prime minister until he retired from politics in 1996. He also represented Vurra County in parliament besides serving on the board of various organizations including Uganda Revenue Authority.

Other organizations whose board Adriko has sat on or chaired include United Bank of Africa Uganda Limited, MTN Uganda, Kakira Sugar Works, and West Nile Distilling Company.

His last appointment was when he became the first Chancellor of Kyambogo University between 2004 and 2016. 

Professor Christine Dranzoa,  Muni University vice chancellor says the installation of Dr. Adriko is a big success to the university. He says Adriko is an accomplished academic and his appointment will only help the university to prosper. 

Adriko holds a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of London. Before venturing into politics and business, he worked as a lecturer at Makerere University until 1972 when he resigned. 

Dranzoa says it has been a big struggle for them to reach where the university stands today.  Dranzoa says in 2010, they were only three members on the task force that was asked to formulate policies,  mobilize both human and financial resources to start the university.  

She says with 8.8 billion shillings, they constructed  the 12 buildings the university now has. 

Dranzoa also says another 4.2 billion shillings was spent to do landscaping,  sewage, road network and other external structures.  She says though the university put up good facilities,  more is still needed to accomplish the task ahead. She is appealing for 15 billion shillings annually for the next 20 years to implement the university master plan. 

In his speech, President Museveni said the strategic location of the university will serve the Pan-African vision of the government. Museveni asked the university to liaise with the education ministry so that the funds can be released.  He also warned the university from starting courses that will only produce graduates to increase the number of unemployed youths on the streets.

After his installation, Dr Adriko said it's a huge task ahead. He says as the titular head, he will do his best to provide strategic direction to the university. Just like the vice chancellor,  Adriko says government needs to inject more funds to construct more facilities.

Education minister Janet Kataaha Museveni said her ministry will work to ensure that all the required funds are availed to run the university. She says Muni is the only university that started from zero, without transforming any institution of learning into a university.  

She says the start of the university is a big success because the ministry team worked with the university team to supervise the construction. She says other ministries and government departments must use such an example while constructing structures to cut costs. 

Mrs Museveni says the installation of Dr Eric Adriko as the first Chancellor will only help to improve quality of teaching and learning in the university. 


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