Dr. Kobusingye Explains Content of Her Impounded Book

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Dr. Olive Kobusingye, whose books were impounded by security at Entebbe International Airport last week, says that the book is an audit of the 24-years of the National Resistance Movement rule. Kobusingye, the younger sister of Dr Kiiza Besigye says that in her book under the title 'The Correct Lines, Uganda under Museveni" she evaluates the promises the NRM government made to Ugandans when Museveni assumed power. She says that her book seek to enlighten the young generation that has grown up under Museveni and have not other regime to compare his regime with. Kobusingye says that the book seeks to hold accountable the NRM for Human rights violations, which led to the death of Patrick Mamenero at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence. She says that the data in the book was collected over one year of research, interviews and personal accounts of selected people. //Cue in: "Looking back... Cue out: ...contradictions."// Kobusingye's book has a glossy green colour with a picture of president Museveni the top cover in full military uniform with a rifle. She denies that the book is a personal attack against president Museveni. Kobusingye says that in the entire book she talks about Museveni, the leader whom Ugandan entrusted with power to lead the country. //Cue in: "In virtually... Cue out: ...certain things."// According to Kobusingye since her books were confiscated by URA from DHL she has been bombarded by several phone calls from people expressing solidarity with her. Kobusingye says that the books will be sold at shillings 25,000 and the profits will be used to help people who need legal representation in court. Kale Kayihura, the Inspector general of Police says that the books are still in the hands of URA. He says that police wants to establish whether the book is not seditious, despite the fact the crime of sedition was quashed by the constitutional court. In a statement to parliament Apollo Nsibambi, the prime minister said that the books had been impounded because of security reasons, but didn't divulge details. Dr. Kobusingye, until recent worked with United Nations as a medical doctor based in Zimbabwe.


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