Dr Onzivua: My Arrest is Regrettable

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Dr Sylvester Onzivua has described his two day detention by police as unfortunate and very regrettable.

Dr Sylvester Onzivua has described his two day detention by police as unfortunate and very regrettable.

The soft-spoken pathologist says he speaks for the dead and he speaks the truth, admits there were some errors.

Parliament had requested Dr Onzivua to carry out independent tests to establish what killed the woman MP for Butaleja Cerinah Nebanda.
Speaking in Parliament shortly after being released on police bond, the Mulago consultant pathologist said he acted ethically and according to the oath he took as a doctor. Dr Onzivua says what gave him strength was the fact that he knew he was standing for the truth.
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He vowed to return if Parliament calls him to perform a similar task saying he will not shy away and hoped that he will not be misinterpreted politically. Dr Onzivua says his concern is to see justice in Uganda.

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Dr Onzivua says he was arrested at Entebbe Airport at 6:50am on Tuesday as he was about to board a plane to take samples from Nebanda’s body for further examination. He says a gentleman approached him and identified himself as a police officer and called him saying he had issues to settle. The officer then opened his bags and conducted a search, took all his phones and denied him communication to his family, those who had sent him with the samples and the Director General of Health Services.

He narrates that he asked the police officer if he had any conscience and he replied that it was part of the game. The police officer then drove him in a private car to the Wandegeya government analytical laboratory. It was there that his bag containing the samples was forcefully grabbed, and samples removed despite pleas by the doctor for the samples to be left.

He says on matters of principle and medical ethics it was not right for him to give out those independent samples and he declined to hand them over. His bag was broken into and he moved out of the room because he didn’t want to be party to what was happening.

He was then driven to Kireka and handed over to the Special Investigations Unit.

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He says at Kireka he found so many of his students who are now police officers and they kept apologising saying that police had arrested their surgeon.
There is still mystery surrounding the death of Nebanda on Friday last week. Adam Suleiman Kalungi, the man believed to be her lover, is still on the run after reportedly abandoning her at Mukwaya General Clinic where she was pronounced dead.

Ndorwa West MP David Bahati today addressed a press conference at which he denied having a hand in Nebanda’s death. Family members including her mother, Alice Namulwa, say the 24 year old legislator was killed. On Wednesday, Namulwa claimed that an unnamed legislator had literally connected Nebanda with her killers.