Drama as Jewish Rabbi Sizomu Testifies in Election Petition

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"Court was further thrown into a prolonged laughter when another witness 58-year-old Edirisa Kwacha declined to touch the bible or Quran on grounds that his hands were 'dirty'

Final submission for election petition filed by Jewish Rabbi Gershom Sizomu against Bunghoko North Member of Parliament Yahaya Gudoi ended  in drama on Wednesday evening.

The drama started when an LC1 Chairperson denied his position, a witness denied his uncle, while another witness refused to touch the bible before testifying on grounds that his hands were dirty.

 Rabbi Sizomu's lawyer asked Rashid Masaba, a defense witness whether he is the LC1 chairperson of Kamwa cell in Bufumbo Sub-county. Oblivious of the fact that other witnesses had earlier told court that he is the LC1 chairman of Kama Cell, Masaba denied ever serving as   the area Local council chairperson.

Court was further thrown into a prolonged laughter when another witness, 58-year-old Edirisa Kwacha, declined to touch the bible or Quran, on grounds that his hands were dirty. The judge later allowed him to raise his hands but he instead 
caused more laughter when he told court that he did not sign the declaration form for his candidate, Issa Segawa, because he left the polling station due to hunger.

Nalega Abdullah, the last witness caused even more laughter when he denied that Rashid Masaba was his uncle.  Nalega’s uncle had earlier told court that his nephew beat him up and chased him from the polling station because he was an agent for Rabbi Sizomu.

But Nalega denied ever seeing any body called Rashid Masaba in his entire life.

The lawyers also grilled Nalega on why his names and photographs appeared twice on the polling register in Bugeri polling station. He claimed it was erroneously made by the electoral commission.

Gershom Sizomu, the Rabbi of Abayudaya black Jewish sect in sub-Saharan Africa, contested and lost the Bunghoko North parliamentary seat to Yahaya Wojje. He later filed a petition in court alleging electoral irregularities orchestrated by the Electoral Commission-EC and MP Yahaya Gudoi.

Justice Paulo Mugamba says the ruling will be made on notice.

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