Driver Errors Major Cause of Accidents in Uganda

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Driver error remains the major cause of accidents on Ugandan roads according to a senior driving instructor, at the Nakawa vocational training institute. Patrick Asiimwe says the situation has even been made worse by the increasing number of motorists on the Ugandan roads. The number of vehicles on the roads has increased significantly in recent years, but unfortunately, driver education, vehicle upkeep, road maintenance, and traffic enforcement have not grown accordingly. Asiimwe explains that the majority of Ugandans who buy cars are more eager to drive the car without understanding the mechanical makeup and requirements of their vehicles. Asiimwe explains that as a must it is important for every driver to have basic knowledge of the car in terms of type, condition, the capacity and the road on which the car will be driven. //Cue in: iThere vehicles# Cue out: #of the road.i// In addition, Asiimwe cites how a heavy truck system combines its hydraulic, mechanical and numeric system to give the vehicle high speeds better than small cars. But many drivers tend to over speed forgetting anyone of this system can break down and an accident is inevitable. Asiimwe says when someone is driving at a high speed it becomes difficult to control the heavy vehicle without causing a serious accident. //Cue in: iSo you wound not# Cue out: #any failure.i// Commenting on overloading as a possible deathtrap, Asiimwe described it as unfortunate for people who consider altering the loading capacities of their vehicle. He admits that it has become common practice for some car owners in Kampala to change rear axle and the tonnage of vehicles. According to Asiimwe, the alterations are deadly because they are done in total disregard of the bumpy roads and potholes and humps, which flex the springs to maximum until they break. //Cue in: iWhen they over load # Cue out: #overloaded.i// Another key error by drivers is the failure to change the tyres, which come with the new cars. He explains that this is important because tyres many cars spend more than six months to one year in transit to Uganda, causing wear and tear of the tyres. Asiimwe is convinced that the current high rate of road carnage can be controlled through the re-introduction of motor vehicle inspections to remove vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition from the roads. Road accidents are a major concern to the United Nations. The World Health Organisations (WHO) estimates that 20million death will occur by 2015, leaving 200million injuries. The WHO predicted that by 2020 road deaths would become the number four killer, behind Aids, heart disease and suicide


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