EALA MPS Get Pay Rise Amidst EAC $10 Million Budget Cuts

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In short
Members of East African Community will have a pay rise with effect from this July as the EAC implements a decision to increase their sitting allowances on top of a salary increase they got last November.

East African Legislative Assembly Members are entitled to a sitting allowance of about one million shillings per day. The allowance has however been increased to over 1.6 million shillings with effect from this July.
The increment was announced by Tanzania’s Deputy East African Community Minister, Dr. Abdallah Sadala Abdallah as part of the 2014/2014 financial year budget for East African Community.
The Legislators had been earning about 13 million shillings until last November when it was increased to 16 million shillings.
Previously the MPS sitting allowances were footed by the donors under the Partnership fund contributed by the donors. But donors asked the member states to foot the bill from the Community's budget to support the EALA oversight functions.
The increase of the legislators salaries comes at the time when the regional continues to experience budget cuts  East African Community budget has for the third declined as the Community struggles to implement some of is developed-related projects.
The Financial 2014/2015 budget has over 10 million dollar cuts. This is the second financial year the Community’s budget is declining..
The 2014/2015 budget has been estimated at over 312 billion Uganda shillings ($124 million) compared to $ 130 million for the financial year 2013/2014 and 140 million dollars for 2012/2013 financial year.
Abdallah said each of the Member states will contribute over 560 million shillings to enable the East African Legislative Assembly to kick start a sensitization of the citizens in the five member states about East African integration.
The community will in the next financial year be largely funded by donors that are expected to contribute over 186 billion shillings (74 million dollars.) The donor contribution to the community in the 2014/2015 financial year is expected to fall by about 11 million dollars.
Each member state will contribute over 15 billion shillings. The community also expects 12 billion shillings from partner states through other partners.
Abdallah says the 2014/2015 budget will mainly operationalize the single Customs Territory and full implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol with particular focus on free movement of goods, services, labour and capital as well as the implementation of the EAC Industrialization policy.
East African Community Secretariat will get the largest share of the budget amounting to over 190 billion shillings ($76,074,052), while the East African Legislative Assembly will get about 40 billion shillings ($15,489,836) and the East African Court of Justice will get 11 billion shillings ($4,582,190).