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Tom Wangobi, the Acting Chairperson National Head Teachers Association, says besides remuneration, it would be better if government considers providing housing, subject, hardship allowances and performance bonuses among others.

The Education and Sports Ministry has unveiled the Teacher Incentive Framework-TIF. 

The first lady and Education Minister, Janet Kataha Museveni launched the TIF during the first National Primary Teachers' Conference held at London College of St Lawrence in Kyengera Town Council, Wakiso District over the weekend. 

The framework intends to simulate teacher motivation, drive policy development, and energize the implementation of a national teacher motivation strategy in a systematic, pragmatic and sustainable manner.

The framework will be implemented in both public and private sectors across all educational levels in the country. Addressing the stakeholders, the minister commended teachers for being resilient despite operating under several hardships.
She disclosed that government has always recognized the cardinal role of the teachers. Museveni says motivating teachers will improve the quality of education in Uganda, which will see the country reclaim its past glory that it enjoyed many years ago.

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Dr. Jane Egau Okou, the Commissioner in Charge of Teacher Instructor Education and Training, notes that teacher motivation is a critical issue in the education system as it impacts significantly on teacher effectiveness and learner outcomes as started in the 2013 Teacher Issues in Sub Sahara Africa-TISSA report developed by UNESCO. 

Dr. Egau noted that many other national, Regional and International level studies have also revealed how job stratification, reward system, professional training and development and work situational-factors affect teacher motivation, adding that recent surveys showed that about 50 percent of teachers were not happy on their work.

She says this threatens the education system as many teachers at all levels have deserted the profession to engage in other things and worst of all few students want to train as teachers.

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The  strategies are meant for implementing in the short and long term based on financial incentives, professional rewards and accountability pressures for both serving and retired teachers.

According to the framework, as a matter of priority, teachers' salary and benefits must be raised in line with the seven percent increase in the cost of living in order to ensure that teachers receive a living wage.

However, Dr. Egau notes that teacher motivation should not be only seen in remuneration terms as there are many other challenges pressing teachers, which once improved can lead to the teacher's quality.

Tom Wangobi, the Acting Chairperson National Head Teacher's Association, says besides remuneration, it would be better if government considers providing housing, subject, hardship allowances and performance bonuses among others.

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In the same development, Paul Wabulaka, a teacher from Bulambuli District, emphasized the need to motivate teachers to improve the quality of teaching.
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The TIF also suggests that the Education Service Commission should phase out caretaking positions within the school management as it contravenes the requirements for accountability of public resources. It has been noted that in many cases teachers have been caretaking schools for many years without being confirmed.
The framework also lists eleven proposals, which will ensure immediate action and provide a firm foundation for successful implementation of TIF including but not limited to creation of a national teachers' identification system such as a uniform, reducing on the class size to manageable numbers as a per the education standards and mandatory personal tests for all pre-service and in service teachers.   
Dr. Egau says ministry of education will ensure that the framework is put into action by engaging all stakeholders including development partners, government and public among others for each to play his part.