Electoral Commission Criticized for Poor Time Keeping

3897 Views Kampala, Uganda

In short
Late opening of Polls has been one of the lowest points for the Electoral Commission.

Voters in Kawempe are enraged by the failure of the Electoral Commission to deliver materials for the Kampala mayoral polls on time. Voting in most parts of Kampala opened late due to the late delivery of election materials. Electoral laws require that polling stations open at 7:00am and close at 5:00pm. However, some stations didn't open until 8:30am, raising fears that not everyone would cast their vote in time. People in Kawempe are taking this matter seiously. This morning, just as the election officials delivered the materials at Kawempe Church of Uganda, a large crowd yelled, “Keep time! Keep time!” They complained about the delays and the apparent disorganization of election officials who paced up and down looking for basins used as polling booths. Paul Waneke, an electoral official who delievered the materials in Kawempe, said congestion at the Commission's warehouse in Banda caused the delays. But the voters had no patience for him. They said they had much time on their hands and nothing to do and this could lead to chaos at the polling stations. ###