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James Mugenyi, the Ntoroko district registrar says that he was disappointed by the small number of people who turned up for last weeks presidential and parliamentary elections.

Electoral Commission has carried out a last minute appeal to voters in Ntoroko district to turn up for tomorrow's local government elections. The move was prompted by the poor turn up of voters during last week's presidential and parliament elections in the district.

Records from Ntoroko District Registrar show that only 98,500 out of the registered 145,785 registered voters in the district turned up to vote last week. This morning, Electoral Commission officials were seen moving door to door and around Karugutu town council with a public address system, appealing to residents to turn up in large numbers and cast their votes. 

Other staff also met opinion leaders and civil society organizations urging them to encourage voters not to miss out tomorrow's polls. James Mugenyi, the Ntoroko district registrar says that he was disappointed by the small number of people who turned up for last week's presidential and parliamentary elections. 

According to Mugenyi, the launched a voter sensitization drive last year to teach people about their rights and the electoral process, but he is surprised with the voter apathy in the district.  Martin Irumba, a resident of Karugutu town council blames the low voter turn up on the incompetence of the Electoral Commission. 

He explains that there was limited voter education before the polls, adding that the Commission has not drummed up enough attention for the lower local council elections.

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Maria Mbabazi, a trader at Karugutu market, says she did not vote in last week's election and won't do so this time. She explains that although it is important that people participate in the election of their local government representatives nothing changes every time she has voted.

Vincent Musinguzi, another resident of Karugutu, says he is satisfied that the candidate he voted for in the presidential elections won. He argues that because of this, there is no reason for him to vote in the local council elections. 

Mugenyi says the complaints on voter education are baseless. He says Electoral Commission did its part to encourage people to vote, but the decision on whether to participate was left to individuals. 



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