Embattled Rubaga North MP Elect Takes Battle to Court

1732 Views Kampala, Uganda
Moses Kasibante, the Member of Parliament elect for Rubaga North has threatened to sue the electoral commission for contempt of court. Kasibante told journalists at the High court in Kampala that the Electoral Commission acted in total defiance of the high court order blocking a vote recount. On February 18th, Moses Kasibante stabnding on the DP ticket was declared winner of the Rubaga North constituency, after beating the NRM party's Singh Katongole. But jubilations over his victory were short-lived when Kasibante's main challenger, Singh Katongole went to the Mengo Magistrates Court protesting the results. Court later granted him a vote recount that was conducted on Monday. At the same time, Kasibante through his lawyers moved to a higher court to secure an injunction stopping the exercise. Inspite of the fact that the high court issued an injunction, the Electoral Commission proceeded with vote recount and later announced Singh Katongole as the winner. Kasibante has now instructed his lawyer Medad Lubega to proceed and block the gazetting of an MP elect in Rubaga North. This would be until court determines the issue of vote recount. //Cue in: we are now .... Cue out:...court of law./ Medad Lubega also has taken issue with the Kampala Returning Office, Molly Mutaizindwa. He says that it is time that they get answers from the Electoral body. Mutaizindwa was on Monday served by Lubega and ignored the order by proceeding with the vote recount. //Cue in:....every person..... Cue out: ....pay for her sin. // Earlier on, the court case in which Kasibante is contesting vote recount hit a snag when Singh Katongole's lawyer requested for more time to peruse the file. Asa Mugenyi, told court that he received the court summons late last evening and did not have time to look the through the case. Mugenyi asked court to give him time to also record an affidavit from his client, Singh Katongole. Medad did not object the adjournment. He admitted that the papers were served late. Justice Vincent Zehurikize of the High Court adjourned the case to Thursday for hearing.