Expectant Mothers Shun Antenatal Care Services in Yumbe

2661 Views Yumbe, Uganda
Most mothers in Yumbe district don't seek antenatal care services, according to Zainabu Aliru, a nursing officer at the yumbe hospital. Zainabu says that a survey carried out recently by the hospital found out that pregnant mothers prefer going to traditional birth attendants. She says this trend has led to a high Infant mortality rate in the district. In response, Yumbe district is planning to put in place some measures to ensure that all expectant mothers attend antenatal care services and seek medical attention in health facilities instead of relying on traditional birth attendants who have little knowledge to detect complications. But Alice Candiru, an expectant mother explained that pregnant women are increasingly shunning the health facilities because of the rude midwives. She says that often times the mid wives are not gentle in the labour ward making the delivery of the baby a dreadful experience. Chandiru says that in addition to the rude midwives, the distance to the nearest health center tends to cut off pregnant mothers who live in the remote areas.


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