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Initial reports indicated that there was an explosion outside one of the buildings before gunshots filled the air at around 3 p.m. Several people have been posting on social media indicating that they are holed up in buildings adjacent to Dusit Hotel.

Tension has engulfed the Kenyan capital Nairobi after an explosion, followed by heavy gunfire was reported at a hotel in Westlands. Kenya police responded to the suspected terror attack amid fear that hundreds of people were trapped inside the buildings.

The gunshots and explosion were reported at around 3:15pm. Several people said they heard a loud bang, followed by unceasing gunshots. Others were posting on social media social media indicating that they are holed up in buildings adjacent to Dusit Hotel.

Plain clothed officers attached to the General Service Units, a paramilitary wing of the Kenya Police service have since been deployed almost an hour after the incident in and outside the hotel as more and more people continue to be evacuated.

The personnel who were seen carrying pistols and AK47 riffles with some wearing bullet proof vests are  leading scared members of the public out of the hotel away from the cordoned off parameters.Several others are reported injured.

Several civilians could also be seen holding their pistols as they helped the officers with the evacuation  Military trucks have since been deployed and soldiers are also being ferried to come and enforce the police.

According to security guards at the hotel, six attackers disembarked from a vehicle near the gate and began shooting. It is believed that all the attackers are still in one of the buildings. Police and the army are making preparations to enter the building in the search for the attackers. 

Another explosion went off in the parking area, moments after police evacuated most of the people who were initially holed up in the building.  Alshabaab  militia have claimed responsibility for the attack.

More details to follow.


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