Ezra Suruma Storms Out of NRM Caucus Meeting

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The Finance, Planning and Economic Development minister, Dr Ezra Suruma, has stormed out of a meeting, convened by the National Resistance (NRM) Parliamentary caucus, to discuss matters pertaining to the car loans and the constituency development fund. An hour into the discussion, the meeting turned rowdy following a disagreement over the amount of money that government is willing to endorse for the MP's car loans. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source who attended the meeting, said that Suruma told the MP's that government would only endorse 30 million shillings for the MP's car loans and not the 60 million shillings that was earlier promised. Suruma's disclosure angered several MP's who demanded to know why the money was reduced. Pushed harder to explain, Suruma stormed out of the meeting, leaving behind the general duties finance minister Jachan Omach. Omach told the MP's that Suruma had gone to consult over the matter. The NRM Caucus general secretary, Sylvia Ssinabulya, however told journalists, shortly after the meeting, that the caucus disagreed over the constituency development fund (CDF) and not the car loans. The constituency development fund was initiated by president Museveni to help MP's finance their pledges to their constituents. //Cue in: iIn today's caucus# Cue out: #was postponed.i // Ssinabulya however admitted that the issue of car loans was also on today's agenda and president Museveni was expected to discuss the matter with the MP's. The meeting however ended before the president had arrived.


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