Famine Looming In Kasese After Two Months Of Drought

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Famine looms in Kasese after sever drought destroys crops

There is looming famine in most parts of Kasese district following two months of drought that has affected most of the crops.
In Nyakiyumbu, Kisinga and Mukunyu sub counties, hundreds of hectares of maize, beans and cotton plantations have been severely destroyed by drought. Many residents say they are now faced with hunger if government fails to respond urgently.
The drought started in late July at the time when farmers had just planted crops expecting rain. Eva Thegyerize  a resident of Kitsutsu in Mukunyu Sub County said all the beans she had planted dried up during the flowering due to the prolonged drought.

Cotton, Beans and maize are key sources of economic livelihood for hundreds of families in Nyakiyumbu, Mukunyu and Kisinga sub counties. In Katsungiro parish, most of the gardens had dried up.

The Kasithu village Chairperson, Yona Isengene told Uganda Radio Network  that coffee has also been affected by the dry spell. He urged government to speed up measures of introducing an irrigation scheme using Bukangara water stream in the area.

Isengene observed that theft is likely to increase since some of the starving families have started stealing bananas from the neighbors  plantations.  He said some of the families were depending on one meal per day since they cannot afford food purchases from the markets.


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