Famine Looms In Budaka District

2795 Views Budaka, Eastern Region, Uganda
Famine is looming in Budaka district following a long dry spell, which has dried up crops in the gardens.
The areas of Kebula village, Budaka rural and Budaka town council have gone for over three months without rain.
Martin Kisale, a local councilor in the town council says several acres of crops have begun drying up, putting residents in fear.
The meteorology department had projected the El-nino rains to begin in early April and but some areas are yet to see the rains.
Kisale says this is likely to escalate poverty in the district since the household incomes realized from the sell of food crops will be affected by the famine.
In the neighboring Pallisa district, several acres of cassava, sorghum, maize and millet were reportedly destroyed by heavy rains characterized with hail storms, that lasted for over two hours, leaving many grass-thatched houses and heavy trees down. The most affected areas were Kameke and Kakoro sub counties.
Moses Wairagala, a resident of Gadumire pointed out that in the previous season, there was little harvest due to heavy rains. He says this escalates the high prices of food in the area.
Wairagala suggests that people be told to stop selling their little produce in preparation for food shortages.
The newly sworn in LC5 chairman, Arthur Wako Mboizi says he will work with sub county authorities to limit the amount of food sold per household. He adds that he plans to encourage the youth to join agriculture as a means of making money and averting food shortage.