FDC NEC Divided Over Besigye, Mbabazi

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Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda however says the party would consider members who do not support the party position defectors and liable for sanctions from the disciplinary committee.

The National Executive Committee of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) are divided on the backing of Dr. Kizza Besigye by the party in the 2016 general elections.
Sources inside the NEC meeting of Monday have told URN that not all members of the NEC attended the meeting, which had been convened to come up with a united stand of the party on the alliance. 
Beatrice Anywar Atim, the Deputy Treasurer General of the party says she chose not to attend the meeting because there is no point in discussing withdrawal from an alliance which the party willfully assented to. 
Anywar says that the party should be satisfied with the decision of the majority of the members of the alliance as a matter of principle and stop attacking party members who are respecting the alliance with all its terms. 
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Anywar cries out to Mbabazi and Besigye to reach an understanding because each of them has the strength and political experience to liberate the country. 
She now urges The Democratic Alliance Summit to organise a re-run so that one candidate can be arrived at in fulfillment of the objectives of the Protocol.
Ibrahim Ssemujju, the party spokesperson however states that the party is not aware of any member of the NEC who does not support Besigye's participation in the 2016 general elections on the party ticket. 
He says that the party would consider such members defectors and liable for sanctions from the party's disciplinary committee. 
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Ssemujju says that Besigye and Mbabazi have not had any open negotiations but says they are hopeful they can reach an understanding. 
Last week after the alliance announced that it would field both Amama Mbabazi of the Go-Forward pressure group and Kizza Besigye of FDC, divisions became visible among members of the FDC with others in support of Mbabazi, who was supported by majority alliance members.