FDC's Jack Sabiiti Accused of Voter Bribery

2816 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
A bribery case has been filed at Kabale Police Station against Jack Sabiiti, the Forum for Democratic Change nominee for the Rukiga parliamentary seat. The case filed by supporters of the incumbent Rukiga MP, Adison Kakuru, accuses Sabiiti of bribing people in Rwamucucu, Bukinda and Kashambya sub-counties with two trucks of hoes and pangas. Kakuru's supporters attempted to block the distribution of the farming equipment on November 23rd, but there was a public outcry from those for whom the implements were intended. Sabiiti says the hoes and pangas were not bribes, but part of a developmental project he has managed in Rukiga County for years. He says the consignment distributed last week was merely relief aid for families affected by a devastating hailstorm in October this year. //Cue in: 'For many years ..." Cue out: "... alleges."// Charles Ssebambulidde the Kabale District Police Commander says the case reported has no clear evidence of a link between the distribution of the hoes and voter bribing. He says the police are still investigating the matter for proof of criminality. Sabiiti's rival, Adison Kakuru is angered by the police inaction. He wants Sabiiti publicly condemned and arrested for bribery. //Cue in: "He is doing it ..." Cue out: "... a perpetual liar."// The relationship between Jack Sabiiti and Adison Kakuru has been acrimonious since March this year when they faced off in the Rukiga parliamentary by elections. Kakuru narrowly defeated Sabiiti, setting the stage for a heated repeat performance. ###