Financial Mismanagment Dogs Masindi FC

1397 Views Masindi, Uganda
Fans of Masindi Town Council Football Club are concerned that bickering over funds is threatening the running of the team. Central to the controversy is Hamudu Kasinde, the club treasurer, who is accused of failing to account for 714,000 shillings meant to facilitate referees and their assistants during the seven matches that Masindi FC has hosted so far. Officials from Masindi Town Council want Kasinde to explain the anomaly as soon as possible. The Town Clerk, Nic-Begyira Rukiika, says that with the scarcity of funds in Masindi, it is important that Kasinde provided accountability for the money already disbursed. He says he has given Kasinde one week to explain himself. //Cue in: iCouncil so far #i Cue out: i# by lack of resources.i// Kasinde says he was shocked by rumors that he may have misappropriated the money. He says he remitted the money to the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) through its commissars as required by the regulations of the soccer body. According to Kasinde, he is unable to provide proof of payment for all the funds right now because FUFA has not given him receipts acknowledging the transaction. //Cue in: iI was never summoned #i Cue out: i# and which I don't know.i// Kasinde threatens to make public the names of a clique of team administrators who are enriching themselves using club funds and are working towards his downfall. Masindi FC is struggling in the national super league. This week, it held league leaders, SC Villa to a one-all draw. It plays Victor FC tomorrow and travels to Mukono FC for a match on Sunday.