Fish Dealers Battle Odds to Stay in Business

1457 Views Kampala, Uganda
Increasing competition and decreasing fish stocks in Lake Victoria has forced several Small Scale Fish dealers to devise ways of attracting customers, to remain in business. Fred Mutiibwa, a fish dealer at Ggabba landing site has been into the fish business since 1995. He is one of the few people that have been supplying fish to big Hotels and restaurants in Kampala. He however says that his business has been hit hard by the declining fish stocks. On a typical business day, Mutiibwa is forced to wake up early in order to buy fish for distribution from the fishermen at Ggaba landing site. Because of the hundreds of people in the fish business, attracting and retaining customers is not an easy task. But for Mutiibwa, Value addition has played the trick for him. He says that he has been forced to find ways of attracting customers to his fish. He has decided to pack his fish in polythene bags; an initiative he says has earned him more sales points. //Cue In: iAdding value#i Cue Out: i#fresh fish.i// Mutiibwa employs about 10 people at his site. Most of his support staff is usually engaged in the cleaning and packaging of the fish before it is transported to the sales points in the city. Fred Bulega, on the other hand says that the declining fish stocks in Lake Victoria has been a blessing in disguise. He says that he takes advantage of the non busy days to concentrate on his fish ponds with the hope of grooming larger fish stocks from his ponds. //Cue In: iMainly we#i Cue Out: i#also declined.i//


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