Floods Destroy Roads in Kabale

1292 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Several villages in Kabale have been cut off from Kabale district's urban centers by rising waters which have left most roads submerged. The Kabale-Kisoro road currently under construction has been affected severely by the floods. Sections of the road have become too muddy making it difficult for motorists to wade through. Herbert Sabimana, a councilor from Kisoro, says the district has been cut off from Kabale by landslides which blocked the highway at Kanapa gap, over the weekend. Some Motorists have been forced to search for alternative feeder routes in the countryside. But Sabimana explains that the possible alternative routes are not in good condition either because of the numerous potholes. Other impassable roads are roads which are the Muhanga-Kamwezi, and Katuna-Rubaya-Muko. As a result, several farmers are stuck with their produce, because they can't find their way to the markets. Sam Ndaaba, the secretary of works Kabale district says local communities are being encouraged to maintain their roads rather than wait for the contractors. Under the community road maintenance program, road maintenance projects, which were previously handled by large companies, have been handed over to the communities to manage. Residents form work units to repair small stretches of road. Each laborer is paid 40,000 shillings per month. Ndaaba says project is intended to inspire residents to do a good job in an infrastructure project that directly affects them, but so far the results have been poor.


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