Floods devastate Moyo again

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A heavy down pour in Moyo district in the last two days has left several properties destroyed.

Floods have devastated large  areas of  Dufile Sub County in Moyo district, affecting mainly Indridri Market, Kocia, Oruba and Njerea.

The two days of floods have left a trail of destruction. roads have been cut off, crops swept aways and houses inundated.
The floods streamed in from Ilingwa hills into river Uya whose banks have been eroded by human encroachment for agricultural purposes.
The district production officer Ajavu Alabi, attributes the floods to increasing human activities along the banks of the rivers.
Alabi fears that the floods might continue because the rains have just started. He advised the members to stay at least 100 meters away from the banks.
The community members led by Julius Nyerere have called for government to open up the water channels.
The district production secretary Sam Asusi has  urged the sub-county leaders to collect data on how much damage is caused for appropriate intervention.
Aloysius Aloka, the chief administrative officer, on a fact finding mission yesterday rebuked the community members for not learning from the previous floods.
As a long term solution, Alabi Safi Ali, the community development officer and Aloka advised the members to relocate to high land and leave the low lands for rice farming. But many of the residents in the affected areas have accused the district of failing to help them out of the current situation.
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