Football Fans, Road Construction Workers Clash over Pitch

1006 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Football fans in Hamurwa sub-county in Kabale district on Sunday clashed with workers of SBI Road Construction Company who had parked their tractors and earth moving machinery on a football field that was to be used for a match. Igomanda Football Club and Mpungu Football Club were scheduled to play their match in the Pereza Ahabwe Cup at the Hamurwa pitch. The football pitch is the only useable playground in the sub-county. However on arrival there, the footballers found large tractors parked on the pitch and the road construction company did not have any plans to move them before the end of the day. The football fans asked SBI to remove its equipment to allow for the game to take place. But local defense personnel guarding the tractors threatened to beat up the fans, causing them to turn rowdy. The angry crowd attempted to beat up the road construction workers and removed the culverts from the field. They said the football match was important to them and demanded for action to be taken against SBI. Jon Mwikirize, the chairperson of Hamurwa sub-county, said it was wrong for the local defense personnel to threaten to beat up the football fans and asked them to remove their equipment. Eventually the match between Igomanda and Mpungu was played, with Igomanda taking the game by three goals to one.