Former Kasese District Speaker Faces Eviction

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Mubingwa is involved in property wrangle with business man David Thembo Kabau to whom he is said to have sold the house at UGX 125 Million shillings.

Former Kasese district speaker Zepher Mubingwa is facing eviction from his house at Kisanga A Cell, Nyamwamba Division of Kasese Municipality.

Mubingwa is involved in property wrangle with businessman David Thembo Kabau to whom he is said to have sold the house at 125 Million shillings.

Kabau accuses the former council speaker of breaking a promise on a decision to sell him the property and failing to refund to him the money he had advanced for the purchase of the property.

On Friday, police backed by Uganda People's Defense forces besieged the house under dispute in an attempt to kick Mubingwa out of it. This was the second attempt after one that aborted in 2018 by Bamwenda Bailiffs and Auctioneers.

This was after the High Court ordered for his eviction on grounds that he did not meet his part of the bargain when he not only failed to surrender the house but also failed to refund money the purchaser had advances to him.

However, Mubingwa appealed against the ruling and the court of appeal is yet to make a ruling on the same.

Mubingwa says that he cannot vacate the house yet the court of appeal has not yet pronounced itself on the same.

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Mubingwa also condemned the deployment of the UPDF arguing that it was the court bailiffs who were escalating the already frosty relationship between him and Kabau.

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His lawyer Geoffrey Michelle accused Bamwenda Bailiffs and auctioneers of failing to issue a notice of eviction to his client before it could be executed.

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However, Jonan Bwambale, from Bamwenda Bailiffs and Auctioneers says they were simply doing their job as instructed by their client Kabau

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Following the intervention of the RDC, the eviction was halted. But Bamwenda insists Mubingwa should leave the premises as early as possible to avoid embarrassment.


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