Fort-Portal Taxi Park Wasting Away

1224 Views Fort Portal, Uganda
The taxi park management plague that hit some parks in Uganda is slowly creeping into Fort-portal. The taxi park has been plunged into a mess due to poor management, by Fort-Portal Municipal council. The new taxi park located on Malibo road is being eaten away by the progressive floods especially during the rainy season. Floods have often made it impossible for passengers to wade their way through to the waiting taxis. Taxi drivers have also been forced to abandon the park, for alternative stages outside the town. Passengers and traders are also not happy about the state of toilets. The park has only one toilet, which is shared by 30 traders who operate businesses inside the park. The sight of garbage scattered on at the shop doorsteps is no longer shocking and when left uncollected the park becomes a haven for a heavy stench that pushes away the passengers to a cleaner environment. Damalie Twijuke, a trader at the new taxi park, says that for the last two years, the traders have been footing their own bills to pay casual laborers who do all the cleaning. This is no longer sustainable and the traders have stopped that. The municipal council collects 25,000 shillings from each trader per month, yet nothing has been done to improve the park. In 2009, the traders wrote to the Fort-Municipal council asking that the park be leased out to a private developer, but council has remained mum. Godwin Muhumuza, a shopkeeper on Kahinju road argues that leasing the park to a private developer could be the moist ideal option. //Cue in: "we have talked..." Cue out: "...required standards."// Richard Mande, the assistant town clerk, says the monthly revenue generated from the park is not enough to manage the park. He explains that the money is paid to the company that was contracted to provide security at the park and also pay electricity bills. He also says that the municipal council has for several times called for private developers to manage the parks but there has not been any response.


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