Geophysical Analysis of Key Gold Mine Underway

1502 Views Kampala, Uganda
Groundwork exploration has begun at 1,271 square kilometers of land in Busitema in Busia district. A statement from Canadian mining investor, IBI Corporation, says its affiliate company Grey Crown Resources has this week started a new geophysical groundwork exploration program. It has initiated a resistivity survey over the property to assess the worth of the gold targets. The work is expected to take two months, after which interpretation of the data collected will be analyzed to evaluate the commercial worth of the property. In addition to the gold mine in Busitema, IBI is working with another international company, Magnus Resources to mine for gold in the 300 square kilometer Ibanda gold prospect in southwestern Uganda. Magnus Resources has additional interests at the 5,000 meter gold mine in Lugazi, as well as gold fields in Mituma and Mashonga, where its drilling program is underway.


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