Goat Plague Hits Kapchorwa

1862 Views Kapchorwa, Eastern Region, Uganda
Local farmers in Kapchorwa want government to intervene urgently to contain the outbreak of the contagious goat plague virus that has so far claimed more than 11,000 goats and sheep. Goat plague, which is scientifically known as pestes des petits ruminants broke out last month in the four Sub-counties of Kaptanya, Ngenge, Binyiny, Kaproron and Kwanyiny in Kapchorwa district. The farmers in the affected Sub-counties say the animals develop diarrhoea and exhaustion and usually die with in a day. The disease has to date continued to ravage the district and has caused misery to the local farmers, whose source of livelihood has been the income from rearing animals. Mohamed Cheptonyi,a resident of Kwabus village in Benyiny Sub-county lost his entire herd of ten sheep. He explains that he woke up one morning and was shocked to find all his animals dead. Cheptonyi however says most farmers are concerned about the failure by the authorities to intervene and contain the disease. // Cue in: iMine became sick#i Cue out i#up to nowi// Most farmers in the affected areas not aware of the nature of the disease but want government to come out and tell them what it's that is killing their goats. Nelson Tomin, a farmer from Binyiny Sub-county says that government owes the local farmers an explanation, because the animals are dying and no one has bothered to find out what is killing them. // Cue in: iEven when the person#i Cue out i#the cause of that problemi// The people in the affected areas are also worried that the disease might as well spread to humans. Ruth Cheptoek a resident of Ngenge Sub-county says that some people who risked and ate meat from dead animals felt general body weakness and as a result village chiefs have now stopped people from feasting on carcasses. // Cue in: iThey just feel#i Cue out i#any goat any howi// Kamatei Kamatui,the Kapchorwa District Animal Husbandry Officer, says samples taken from dead carcasses indicate they died as a result of suffering from pestes des petit ruminants virus which has no known cure. Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), is caused by a paramyxovirus of the Morbillivirus genus. It was first identified in 1942 in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa


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