Government Given 2 Weeks to Pay Acholi War Claimants

830 Views Gulu, Uganda
The High Court in Gulu has given government two weeks to effect payment of the livestock and property to the Acholi War Claimants. Justice Remy Kasule set April 30 to either review the progress of the payment or proceed with trial of the case if the payment is not done. Government last year asked court to suspend hearing the case to allow negotiations for an out of court settlement with the Acholi war debt claimants. The case a rose out of a suit filed in 2006 in which about 6,000 people in Acholi sub region are demanding compensation their livestock eaten and property destroyed by the then NRA soldiers during war in 1986. The claimants want to be paid shillings 700,000 for nearly 500,000 herds of cattle allegedly eaten by government soldiers. The claims also include property like tractors, houses and trucks allegedly destroyed or looted by the soldiers. Martin Mwanguhya, of the Attorney General chambers says the delay was caused by contention over the value of livestock. But Doreen Ashaba, lawyer for the claimants says the value was endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Industry according to current market price.


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