Gulu Children Sound Alarm Over Plight of Street Children

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In short
Children in Gulu want Government to intervene and address the plight of the street children

Children in Gulu have petitioned Government and Civil Society Organizations, seeking their intervention to address the plight of the street children.

Notably, the children want government to address the issues that push and pull children to the streets.

The children in Gulu have asked civil society organizations to exert pressure on the government, to act  and control the problems of Street Children.

14-year-old Kabagambe Darius, says it is the responsibility of the government to show the streets kids parental love, care and protection in the absence of their parents.

//Cue in “Street kids are these children…”//
//Cue out “…have no one to give them medical care//

Innocent Ochora, however  says Uganda has put in place conducive conditions for children by enacting good laws against defilement, and child abuse. 

Ochora wants the Government of Uganda to lead the regional countries to build a regional centre to shelter the street children.

Ochora says the children survives on selling metallic scraps and used water bottles amid the rising food prices.

Mark Odong, another juvenile says he is so touched by the issues of street children at a time peace has returned to this country. He says children are abandoning school and fleeing their parental homes because of abuses and hard labour.

//Cue in “Why don’t we take urgent action…”//
//Cue out “…then wait to see the results if it will help”//

Atim Jacqueline Olanya, a social worker at St. Jude Children’s Home, says every year the number of Children is on the increase as more and more are neglected, abandoned on streets or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Atim says 80% of the Children at St. Jude Orphanage are orphans that lost their mothers during labour in the hands of traditional birth attendants.

Adong Shabella Margret, a Caregiver at SOS Gulu Children’s Village says government should find the best possible ways to reunite the children with their families.

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