Gulu NGOs Accused of Wrongful Termination of Workers Contracts

2119 Views Gulu, Uganda
Several Non Government Organisations in Gulu have been accused of acting in total violation of the labour laws, by terminating employee's contracts without reasonable cause. Susan Loum, the district Labour Officer, says that her office has over the past two years recorded 100 cases of contractual breaches and another 130 cases related to unfair termination of services. Most of the victims complained that they were not given an opportunity to defend themselves, prior to their dismissal. Loum however declined to identify the NGO which have been accused of violating the workers rights. According to the cases recorded at the district labour office, many of the workers whose services were wrongfully terminated didn't receive any form of compensation. so far only 50 cases have been fully compensated for the wrongful termination. The district labour officer says that the wrongful termination of workers contracts is a recipe for grave consequences in the labour productivity. She wants government to establish a commercial court in the district to provide legal redress and arbitration to the aggrieved workers. Gulu is one of the districts in Northern Uganda with the highest number of NGOs. Many of these NGOs were set up to provide humanitarian assistance, in response to the two-old decade war in Northern Uganda.


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