Gulu Parents Arrest Teachers for Late Coming

1746 Views Gulu, Uganda
In one of a rear gestures aimed at ensuring effectiveness of teachers in Northern Uganda, a group of parents In Gulu staged an impromptu roadblock to trap teachers who report late for school. The Parents of Tegot-Atto parish in Paicho Sub County in Gulu district, managed to get seven teachers, who they locked up in a store at Tegot Atto health center. The teachers detained by the parents are Otim Atwai, Ojok Lawrence Okello, Ngoya Nelima Mildred, Alaroker Jennifer, Lapaco Jackline Lillie, Anena Irene Oloya and Patrick Ocen. The enraged parents accused the teachers of reporting late for work, despite the fact that they contributed to the construction of the teachers residential houses to ease their work. But Alex Otim, the Paicho Sub-county LCV councillor, and Ceaser Akena, the education officer, came in time to rescue the teachers from the enraged parents. Akena said that his department would take action against teachers who exhibit sloppiness in their line of duty.


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