Gulu Politician Fears for his Life

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Walter Odong, a UPC politician in Gulu district claims his life is in danger. He claims that he has received death threats from anonymous callers who have warned him to either quit politics or face the repercussions. Odong who this week lost his election bid for the Mayoral seat, claims that his agent was abducted on Thursday morning from Iriaga sub ward in Gulu Municipality. Julius Okema, Walter Odong's agent who was deployed at Agwee polling station in Laroo division went missing on Thursday morning from his house at 1:30 am after unknown assailants broke into his house. In January, Odong recorded a statement at Gulu Central Police Station claiming that a group of unknown men raided his home in Layibi division and warned him against supporting Denis Okema, the UPC nominee for Gulu Municipality MP seat. During the same month, both Odong and Okema, sought police protection, claiming that they would be killed before the elections. Odong claims that he has information that some powerful NRM supporters are keen to silence opposition supporters through intimidation.


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