Professor Joseph Onen Okello Succumbs to Cancer Top story

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Prof Okello who had been in the Faculty of Science, department of Biological science, , lost the battle to cancer on Tuesday evening at Mulago Hospital in Kampala where he was admitted after a long illness.

Professor Joseph Onen Okello, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Science at Gulu University has died. He succumbed to cancer at the Cancer Institute in Mulago National Referral Hospital on Tuesday night.
Professor Okello was admitted at the Cancer Institute for Chemotherapy treatment late last year after he developed complications.  However, his health continued deteriorating until he breathed his last on Tuesday night.
Professor Okello was revered by both students and staff at Gulu University because of his hard work. Mahmoud Khalid, the Gulu University Public Relations Officer says the deceased was dedicated in his work especially in the area of scientific research.

"I knew Prof Okello as someone who worked hard in his department. His death is a big blow to the University especially in-terms of getting his replacement," said Khalid. He says Prof Okello was an international scholar whose expertise was sought after by international universities across the globe.

Dr. Richard Echodu, the Dean Faculty of Science who was also taught by the deceased commended him for being a generous mentor to his students. "He was a man of team work, a leader and above all he groomed many people, the University will miss him a lot," says Dr. Echodu.

Professor Joseph Onen Okello was born in Anaka Village in Nwoya District on May 1964. He pursued a Bachelors of Science Degree at Makerere University from 1970-1973. Prof Okello went on to study his masters in Science in Veterinary medical entomology at the University of Nairobi.

He later obtained a PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics from Makerere University where he studied between 1990-1995.  He also worked as senior researcher at the Life Stock Health Research Institute (LIRI) in Tororo district from 1994 till 2005 when he joined Gulu University.

He has been a Professor of Vectors and Vector-borne diseases at Gulu University and the first Dean at the Faculty of science at the institution. Prof Okello was an accomplished researcher with over 60 publications in refereed scientific journals, book chapters and proceedings in diverse disciplines of research of multi-disciplinary, cross-sectorial and Trans-disciplinary nature.