Gov't Procures Cesspool Trucks to Solve Kiruddu Leakage

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This comes following the continuous presence of sewage at the entrance of the hospital that has been attributed to the congestion of patients at the hospital. The move comes as the ministry of health plans to construct a lagoon on two and a half acres of land.

The Ministry of Health has procured four cesspool trucks to empty the septic tanks at Kiruddu General Hospital.

The septic tanks are full to capacity with sewage overflowing and leaking at the entrance of the hospital. 

Sarah Opendi, the State Minister for Health, says that they have decided to procure cesspool trucks as a temporary measure of dealing with sewage problem at the hospital.

"The cost of emptying the septic tanks has been quite high. So what the ministry has done is to procure its own cesspool trucks and we hope we can be able to deal with the situation as we wait for a long lasting solution in about seven months."

According to the Ministry of Health, the ministry has been spending around 3 million shillings on every round of emptying the septic tank. The septic tank at the hospital is emptied two to three times a week.

On the open market, the cost of renting a Kampala Capital City Authority cesspool costs between 125,000- 220,000 shillings depending on the amount of waste. Private companies charge from 190,000-250,000 shillings. 

The cost of the four trucks is estimated to cost more than 100 million shillings. The trucks will empty the septic tanks three times a week. It is estimated that the trucks will empty more than 4,000 litres of waste at every emptying.

Dr Charles Kabugo, the acting Executive Director Kiriddu Hospital, says that it will take time for sewage leakage to stop even after procurement of the trucks because of many activities at the hospital.

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Dr Kabugo says that the septic tanks need to be emptied often before the sewage leakage can be controlled. "The hospital is busy and it will take a while before we can report there is no more sewage at the hospital.

The hospital that was constructed under a joint venture between the China New Era and China Number 4 Metallurgical with financing from the African Development Bank and the Nigeria Trust Fund was designed to have a 170-bed hospital.

However, there are more than 250 patients admitted at the facility.

The Ministry of Health plans to embark on a more permanent solution in seven months with the construction of a lagoon by the National Water and Sewage Corporation. The construction of the lagoon is estimated to cost more than 3 billion shillings. The lagoon will be constructed on two and a half acres of land that the ministry has procured from the Buganda Land Board.