Hearing of Kooki Premier's Fraud Case Starts

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In short
The suspended Kooki Chiefdom premier, Ananias Ssekyanzi attempted to withdraw 500 million shillings which had been illegally deposited on his Stanbic bank account by suspected cyber criminals.

The trial in which suspended Kooki Chiefdom premier, Ananias Ssekyanzi is accused of attempted theft of 500 million shillings, begun today with two witnesses testifying against him.
Charles Omara, the Head of Financial Crime Department at Stanbic Bank where the alleged crime took place, in his testimony, told court that on April 13, 2012, unknown people hacked into their computers system and caused an irregular deposit of over 2 billion on to Ssekyanzi’s account.
He said the hacking directed at the bank’s suspense accounts.
Omara who was the first prosecution witness, was testifying before Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Julius Borore.
He further told court that he was shocked on learning that the premier wanted to withdraw the same huge sums of money just a few hours after it was deposited on to his account.
The witness said that he immediately rushed to Stanbic Bank Crested Towers to arrest the suspect but found when he had disappeared.
He further told court that the flash disc that was used in the hacking was never found neither did they manage to determine the person who inserted it into the computers since he left no finger prints.
The second witness was Sara Achen, a bank teller with Stanbic Bank.
In her testimony, she told court that Ssekyanzi approached her desk asking for the release of 500 million shillings before handing her a cheque and his identity card to effect the withdrawal.
Further, she told court that she became suspicious of this huge sum of money requested on grounds that Ssekyanzi had never withdrawn such huge sums of money as confirmed by his bank statements.
The witness said before she could finish consulting her supervisor about this unusual withdrawal, Ssekyanzi rushed out of the banking hall leaving behind his documents.
Court records indicate, the 500 million shillings was part of 2.2 billion shillings irregularly deposited on Ssekyanzi’s account by unknown computer hackers.
Prosecution alleges that the former premier attempted to commit the offence on April 13, 2012 at Stanbic Bank Corporate Branch, Crested Towers in Kampala District. 
Ssekyanzi who is out on bail denies the charges.
The hearing resumes on August 5.


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