Heavy Rains Disrupt Traffic along Rakai- Kasensero Road

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Heavy rains have cut off the main road from Kasensero landing site to Rakai town. Hundreds of traders remained stranded in in Kyebe Sub County this morning, after the rains submerged Ttome swamp, making it difficult for traders from either side to cross the road. Several fish trucks remained stuck in the mud after failing to maneuver through the potholed murrum road. The Kasensero- Rakai road is a vital route mainly for fish dealers. The route is equally important to the tourists who travel to Kasensero as a historical area related to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Kasensero was the home of the first HIV Aids victim in Uganda. Yesterday, More than 20 tourists from Scotland were forced to cancel their visit to Lukunyu Island, in Kasensero. The Scottish tourists were going to visit the homes of the first HIV aids victims in this area. Transport fares have shot up significantly. Passengers traveling from Kyotera to Kasensero have to pay 20,000 shillings, up from the 5,000 shillings. Some traders have been forced to use bicycles to transport their merchandise from Kasensero, via Kyapa junction along the Mutukula highway. Matthias Kasamba, the Kakuuto constituency member of parliament says the road has become impassable and it has become increasingly difficult to provide services to the remote areas. Kasensero landing site fetches more than nine billion shillings annually for the district, but despite this huge amount of money, there has been little efforts made to improve the state of the road. Some traders are now resorting to bicycles to transport their merchandise


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