High Malnutrition Levels Worry Nakapiripirit Medics

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In Nakapiripirit, stunted growth stands at 30 and underweight at 23 for children aged 6-59 months, according to June 2017 UDHS report.

Health workers in Nakapiripirit are worried about the high levels of malnutrition in the district.

According to the Uganda Demographic Health Survey- UDHS, 2016, Karamoja has the highest malnutrition rates at 35.2% compared to the 28.9% national average.

In Nakapiripirit, stunted growth stands at 30% and underweight at 23% for children aged 6-59 months, according to June 2017 UDHS report. While the district may not be among the worst in Karamoja on malnutrition, health workers in the district are already alarmed by the high levels of malnutrition. 

At Tokora HC1V, one of the main health service providers in the district, about four to five children are admitted with acute malnutrition and, an average of 7-10 with mild malnutrition every month. 

Jonathan Telo, a clinical officer in the unit says most of the children that present with malnutrition are those whose mothers conceive when they are still infants. He notes that the majority of the children affected are not given proper attention by their mothers, causing malnutrition. 

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While malnutrition is linked to inadequate food, Jane Margaret Atai, the Senior Nursing Officer at Tokora says mothers tend to neglect children after conceiving. She notes although family planning would be helpful in controlling births, majority of mothers especially from the rural shun family planning services.  

Josephine Adiaka, a resident of Achelel village in Tokora parish, whose two- year- old child is severely malnourished says she didn't have time for her child. The mother of four observes that all was well until she abandoned the depo provera, one of the family planning methods she enrolled for after giving birth to her first child.