Hoima Aspiring NRM Party Flag bearers Shun Campaigns

2008 Views Hoima, Uganda
NRM aspirants in Hoima have shunned the join campaigns as stipulated in the party's electro guidelines, ahead of the August 30 primaries. Erifazi Kiiza Rujumba, the district NRM administrative secretary, says none of the candidates bothered to pick the campaign program from his office, save for the Hoima municipality parliamentary aspirants. In the municipal's Kahoora division, the joint campaigns were suspended following the chaos that ensued on Monday. Rujumba says heckling marred the joint campaigns and fights between supporters of rival candidates, dishing out of money at campaign rallies, among other irregularities, which Rujumba says, could not allow the campaigns to continue. Elsewhere, some aspirants decided to go solo, in contravention of the NRM party's electoral commission guidelines, which call for joint campaigns at primaries. In Buhaguzi County all the five contenders including the incumbent Tom Kyahurwenda have decided to go solo. Julius Bigirwa Junjura, the Isingiro Deputy RDC, one of the contestants in Buhaguzi admits that he deliberately avoided the joint campaigns because the rallies are organized in trading centers do not give candidates the chance to reach out to the voters deep in villages. In Bugahya, the scenario was not different either. the case is the same no joint rally has ever been held as the four aspirants hunt for votes individually. Byaruhanga Samuel one of the aspirants says he was ready for the joint rallies except his other contenders feared. The Bugahya Parliamentary seat has attracted four contenders including the incumbent James Kiiza Rwebembera and the district speaker, Yunus Mugabe. Meanwhile the district NRM office intends to hold a grand joint campaign rally for LC5 aspirants on Saturday at Hoima boma grounds to give the aspirants the last chance. The incumbent George Tinkamanyire Bagonza is facing off with one of Anti- corruption Uganda founders, Geoffrey Rwakabale. In other news, Hoima was on Thursday a scene of celebrations and large convoys as Hoima municipality MP aspirants concluded their joint campaigns at Hoima Boma grounds. The seat has attracted Public Service minister Henry Muganwa Kajura, former CAO Patrick Mwesigwa Isingoma and Hoima Businessman Richard Baguma. However the hot contest is between Kajura and Isingoma.


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