Hoima Head Teachers Struggle With E-Registration

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Fred Musinguzi, The head Teacher Duhaga Boys Primary School says head teachers were not prepared enough for the task.

Some Head teachers in secondary schools in Hoima district are struggling to cope with the e-registration of candidates for their final examinations. Last year, the Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB rolled out the online registration of candidates following a successful two year pilot study in 60 districts.
While announcing the development, the Ministry of Education and Science Technology Permanent Secretary Dr. Rose Nassali Lukwago said the new arrangement would increase the efficiency of the process and remove the burdens that both the schools and UNEB have been shouldering.
However, the development is much of a burden to some head teachers in Hoima. Fred Musinguzi, The head Teacher Duhaga Boys Primary School says head teachers were not prepared enough for the task. He says a day's training they received is not enough for some head teachers who have never used a computer or even have one in their schools. 

Musinguzi counts himself among the few lucky head teachers who are computer literate and have a computer in their schools. He says his colleagues in rural schools struggle to come to secretarial bureaus in town to register candidates.

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Cue out: …..they could not go through the system."//

Euphrasia Kakuliremu, the Head Teacher Bujalya Primary School in Buhimba Sub County says lack of computers in many of the schools poses a great challenge to this arrangement.
Kakuliremu says it was costly for her to move in and out of secretarial bureaus to fill in the UNEB register, sometimes withstanding long queues. She says if schools are provided with computers, e-registration would not be a problem anymore.
Like Kakuliremu, several head teachers could be seen jamming internet cafes and secretarial bureaus in Hoima town, many visibly puzzled. Education officers admit that teachers are ill-prepared for this arrangement.
Ibrahim Bigabwa, the Hoima Municipal Education Officer is however happy that despite little training, his head teachers managed to fill the forms. He says a computer training session will be organized for head teachers, soon.

//Cue in: "Some Head teachers are…..
Cue out: …..such hurdles again."//   

Godfrey Sserwanja, the Hoima District Education Officer says head teachers face hurdles filling in the forms because of little computer knowledge and training. Serwanja says the department is organizing ICT training for school head teachers next term, to avoid similar problems next year.