Hoima NRM Losers Contest Results

The office of Hoima NRM party registrar is flooded with petitions from last week's NRM primary elections in the district.

On Monday last week, NRM conducted nationwide primary elections for LC 3 chairpersons, division, sub-county, Municipal and district councilors.

The elections were marred by several irregularities such as ballot stuffing and changing polls results leading to various petitions.

Paul Kato, the Hoima District NRM party Registrar says he has so far received 39 petitions from candidates disputing the poll results.

He says some of the candidates complain that election results were altered while others say ineligible people were allowed to vote. Phenehas Birakurataki contested for the NRM ticket for Kihukya Ward LC 3 councilor's seat.
According to Birakurataki, in some villages the votes were altered in favor of the incumbent, Irumba Asirali. Birakurati alleges that he got 140 votes from Kihukya cell while his rival got 37 votes but to his surprise Irumba's votes were altered to 77. At Kitemba Cell, Birakurataki claims he got 55 votes, but these were reduced to 53 on unclear grounds.

The aspirant says he cannot accept the results given such anomalies. He has vowed to come back on an independent ticket if his concerns are not addressed.

//Cue in: "Kihukya I got…..
Cue out: ……hidden somewhere."//

Some of the petitions are those of the Kyangwali Sub county chairman, the Female LC V councilor for Kyabigambire Sub County and Kabwoya Sub County LC V councilor among others.

Kato says his office has stayed declaration of winners for positions with contested results pending hearing of the petitions.

//Cue in: "We have 39 petitions.....
Cue out: .....have finished that."//

Some election losers have decided to bounce back as independents. Jackson Amanya, the Bujumbura Division LC 3 Chairman is among those vowing to return as independents.

Amanya, who had just been re-admitted into NRM after contesting as independent in the last elections, says the polls were flawed.

Amanya lost to Edward Ruhiigwa, formerly the chairman for the neighboring Kitoba Sub County. Two months ago, NRM issued new guidelines, which among others barred losers in party primaries from contesting as independents.

However Amanya says it is hard for him to concede defeat in an election marred by irregularities. Godfrey Mugenyi, the registrar for Bujumbura Division was arrested with a stuffed ballot box before polling materials were officially distributed on polling day.


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