Hoima Police Mortuary in a Sorry State

2169 Views Hoima, Uganda
Hoima police mortuary is in a sorry state. The mortuary is constantly overcrowded, its walls are crumbling and with gaping holes in the roof, it regularly floods in the rain. A horrible stench envelopes the mortuary and surrounding areas, attracting swarms of flies. Peter Kitayimbwa, the Midwestern Regional Police Surgeon, admits that the condition of the mortuary is appalling. He says the congestion at the mortuary is caused by delays in collection of bodies of people murdered or killed during accidents. Kitayimbwa says the mortuary is not cleaned regularly and the surroundings are bushy and filthy. Hoima police mortuary is located in Isaka Kijungu on the outskirts of Hoima town. It is in the centre of an unkempt public cemetery. The acting Town Clerk of Hoima, Amir Nsamo, says there are plans to relocate and modernize the mortuary. He says the process is hampered by the lack of suitably located land on which to move it.