Hooliganism Mars Luweero NRM Joint Campaigns

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The National Resistance Movement NRM elections in Luweero look set to be violent as supporters of various candidates engaged in fights on the first day of campaigns.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) elections in Luweero look set to be violent as supporters of various candidates engaged in fights on the first day of campaigns.
The NRM Party campaigns in Luweero officially started on Friday after completion of elections for district party structures.
Kiddu Makubuya and Edward Ssembatya Ndawula supporters clashed at Nabanga playground in Ndejje trading centre on Friday in the Katikamu South MP flag bearer race.
Jacob Mukasa, an NRM supporter, explains that violence broke up after the supporters of Edward Ssembatya heckled incumbent MP Kiddu Makubuya during his speech.
Mukasa adds this didn't go well with  supporters loyal to Makubuya who interpreted this as an insult and engaged the supporters of Edward Ssembatya in a fight.
// Cue in: " owa Kiddu…
   Cue out;….tebatuyambye"//
It took the intervention of Officer in charge of Ndejje Police post Nesta Masadio to separate the supporters and end the fight which lasted for about 10 minutes.
At another joint rally organized at Nyimbwa Sub County, a group of youth with placards and Edward Ssembatya posters also heckled Makubuya making it hard for him to make his speech.
Other supporters were blowing vuvuzela and whistles chanting that they did not want to listen MP Makubuya because he had overstayed in power and failed to lobby for the area.
Makubuya, who was given five minutes to address the supporters, cut his speech short and returned to his seat in anger.
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     Cue out;….nensi yange"//
Makubuya later said although his speeches were disrupted, he is sure he will win the party ticket because voters like him and the election will be conducted in secrecy.
Edward Ssembatya didn't condemn the disruption of his rival's speech. He merely thanked the supporters for what he called cordial welcome.
Abraham Byandala, the MP for Katikamu North, was also heckled by his rival Silver Karuhanga's supporters at a joint rally organized at Nalongo trading centre.
Hadijah Hussein, an NRM supporter  in Nakatonya village in Nyimbwa sub county, says that the heckling and disruption prevented her from hearing what the candidates had to say.
Suleiman Ssemakula, another NRM supporter in Nyimbwa trading centre, believes candidates may soon refuse to participate in joint rallies because of the ill treatment. 
David Kamugisha, the Luweero district NRM registrar, says to warn them against the practice of ferrying disruptive elements to their rivals' campaigns.
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     Cue out;…maintain order"//
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