How Born-again Christians Ushered in 2018

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Thousands of born-again Christians of Sunday night ushered in the new years in different parts of the country, with many of them praying for the nation.

Thousands of born-again Christians of Sunday night ushered in the new years in different parts of the country, with many of them praying for the nation.
The prayers were marked with celebrations, prophecies and declarations in what was meant to propel the Christians into a promising and prosperous 2018.
At different locations several preachers prayed for the country and declared a new dawn for Uganda and its citizens.
At Phaneero ministries, that held its overnight prayer event titled "In his presence"; Apostle Grace Lubega asked the flock to pray for the country's politics and economy. He said God had showed him that more politicians will be seeking God, and this will be a sign for a new Uganda.
He, however, asked the country to pray for the opposition saying a big split in the opposition might happen this year.
"There will be a big split in the opposition, there are two groups and one is based on deceit in the opposition and the other is based on the truth. The one which has focused more on deceit will break up and attempt to form a new party," Lubega said.
He said the country needs to pray more now that it seems divided over the presidential age limit removal through a constitutional amendment bill passed 12 days ago.
Lubega also asked the flock to pray for the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Uganda Railways. "Some people in these organizations either have to stop what they are doing or they will be exposed," he added.
He also warned that the Northern and Eastern parts of the country should brace themselves as a hunger crisis may occur in June and July this year.
He also asked Ugandans to pray against fires in schools. "If I here occurrences of fires in schools, I will know we have not been praying, these things I am talking about are for prayer, the glory is not in them coming to pass but it is in you to learnt to pray against them and also redirect them," he said.
Watoto Church, at all its 12 celebration points, prayed for the nation, its economy and healing for the people. At Watoto Central in Kampala led by Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo, the message of the day was to pray for the family and for a better Uganda. At different intervals, the congregation prayed for peace in the country, political leaders, women and children.
Prayers were also made for the youths and for more families to put their faith in God.
At the Miracle Centre Cathedral in Kampala Pastor Robert Kayanja and the congregation prayed for the nation with Kayanja saying 2018 will be a year of abundance. He says although Ugandans may feel that they are not yet there, they should start sensing that they are going there.
He prayed for the sick to get their healing and transformation. He called upon Ugandans to walk by faith and not by sight.
They also prayed for the Government and for Uganda to turn to God in all its ways so that evil can cease and prosperity can flourish in the county. 
At Mandela National Stadium Nambole, an estimated 80,000 people spent the last day of 2017 in prayer organised by Victory Church, Ndeeba. The prayer dubbed "Namboole Passover" was led by Pastor Joseph Sserwadda, who interceded for many Ugandans and also called for the nation to pray and seek God.
In other places like the Prayer Mountain in Sseguku, over 3,000 people led by Apostle John Mulinde prayed for God's glory to uphold Ugandans.
Earlier in the evening, President Museveni delivered his end of year speech attacking what he called negative elements that have been "hurling insults" at the ruling NRM party.
"On a happy note, I noted that some of the elements that had been hurling insults at the NRM, struck a more positive note during Christmas and called for reconciliation. The NRM always goes for principled reconciliation and that is a good note to end on," Museveni said.
The president had a message for the religious leaders whom he said are arrogant, adding that they could do well to remember Jesus' teachings in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 5. It says: "Blessed are the humble for they shall inherit the earth".
The president said: "Some of our religious people are so full of arrogance. They talk most authoritatively on all and everything even when they have not bothered to find out the truth. This is assuming they do not have evil intentions which would be worse," he said. Quoting Mathew Chapter 26 Verse 57 - 75, he likened them to Caiaphas the High Priest who handed Jesus over to his killers.


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