Hundreds Pay Respects to Amirali Karmali 'Mukwano' at Kololo

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Hundreds of mourners who included employees of Mukwano, government officials, diplomats braved the downpour to pay their last respects.

A somber mood engulfed Kololo Airstrip on Saturday as hundreds thronged the house to pay their last respects to Amirali Karmali commonly known as Mukwano.

Mukwano died on Wednesday evening 10th July at his home in Kololo. Born in the 1930s, Karmali is the father to Alykhan Karmali, who is currently running the family business empire that spans real estate, banking, transport, and manufacturing.  

Mukwano's body arrived in a convoy escorted by a brass band and family members. 

Hundreds of mourners who included employees of Mukwano, government officials, diplomats braved the downpour to pay their last respects.

Salim Muhamad who has known Mukwano for more than 15 years says Amirali was so much involved in Charity work and trying to lift the standards of living of people. He says Mukwano was a humble man, who lifted many people through his business, adding that Mukwano will be remembered for honesty and integrity.

 //Cue in: "Too much support… 

Cue out…and poor guys"// 

Bahbin Patel, a distributor of Mukwano products in Soroti district says Mukwano has left a legacy of humility in the business community that Ugandans can emulate. 

John Hibuji, who has worked for over 30 years with the deceased, says Mukwano had love for staff. He says when it came to staff welfare, it was a priority.

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Cue out:..go and work"//

Irene Debora says she is sad Mukwano died and she has never seen him despite growing up while using his products, she said Mukwano products really stood out in the business community because he identified with the community. 

//Cue in: "Nakula nga mu...

Cue out:…nti kale tasosola"// 

Maria Nantaba, a cleaner at Kololo Airstrip says mukwano is a friend to many Ugandans due to his products. She says many businessmen should be like Mukwano, especially consistency and quality in the products of Mukwano. 

//Cue in: "Nze ngamba nti… 

Cue out:…sabuni ka mukwano"//

Entrepreneur and Businessman Patrick Bitature, who was the master of ceremony at the ceremony said Mukwano loved everyone equally.

Mukwano's Body is to be laid to rest at Ismaili Cemetery at Kololo today. 


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