Iganga Police Arrests Woman for Burning Step Son

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Police in Iganga have arrested a woman for attempting to burn her 6-year-old step son for stealing food. The suspect Hajira Nabirye is accused of attempting to burn 6-year-old step son Abdul Alimansi. It is alleged that Nabirye tied up Alimansi, and piled firewood on him before setting it blaze. Asuman Saidi, the vice chairperson of Bugumba zone in Iganga municipal council says that he saw Nabirye lighting the fire and he raised an alarm. He says angry residents who rushed to rescue the minor threatened to lynch Alimansi but the police was called in time to rescue her. James Okwagore, the officer in charge of Iganga Police stations says that Alumansi is nursing burns at Iganga hospital. He says that the suspect will be charged with child abuse. Abdul Wadebe, the father of Alimansi says that he has been receiving reports of Nabirye abusing his son without any proof. Wadebe says that he is still confused to decide what to do with Nabirye. Okwagore says that this is the third case of child abuse he is receiving with a space of one week. He says that another boy Edirisa Kawule, was injected with paraffin by his step father, and another crippled boy was being fed on the same plate with a dog by his father Nuuhu Serwagi.


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