IGP issues stern warning against FDC's planned Monday walk

2055 Views Kampala, Uganda
Police is threatening to block the “walk to work and walk to pray" campaign launched by opposition politicians yesterday.
Kiiza Besigye, The Forum for Democratic Change said the "walk to work and walk to pray" campaign is aimed at protesting the skyrocketing prices for consumer goods and fuel in the country
But Kale Kayihura, Inspector General of Police says that they have reliable intelligence showing that the opposition is planning to disrupt normal life within Kampala City, create chaos and make the Capital City and by extension, the country, ungovernable.

In a statement released this evening, Kayihura questions why the FDC has purposely avoided involving the police in planning and securing the events if the processions are well -intentioned and peaceful.

The FDC has on several occasions maintained that they are not mandated to notify police of their activities but expect security.

Kaihura says the processions are designed to circumvent the law, and, in the process, foment civil unrest and cause fear and uncertainty in the public, and the country generally.

He adds that the police shall not allow selfish and egoistically inclined persons, hiding under the guise of political activism to disrupt law and order or cause fear and despondency in the public and continually threaten the peace.

He warns that any person found engaging in such unlawful action will be dealt with, firmly, within the law.

Besigyes’ campaign is being spearheaded by a new pressure group code named Activists for Change led by Mathias Mpuga. The pressure group has been tasked to demand for an immediate and meaningful action to bring down the prices of essential consumer goods.

Members of the pressure group plan to walk to work and walk to pray effective Monday next week which Besigye says will be issue based and not violent as police claims.

Security sources tell URN that they are keenly observing the masterminds of the procession. They are Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Alice Alaso, Betty Nambooze, Abdu Katuntu, Odongo Otto, Wafula Oguttu, Anne Mugisha and Joyce Sebugwawo. Others include Medard Segona, John Kazoora, Geoffrey Ekanya, Mathias Mpuga, Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda and newly elected Kampala Mayor Elias Lukwago.

Security reports also indicate that the FDC procession has been organized for one group to start from Ntinda to Town and Kasangati to Najjanakumbi.
FDC Spokesperson Wafula Oguti speaking to URN says they do not have any group procession but each party supporter will walk individually.
Dr .Besigye says the country is in a crisis, because the cost of living has become unaffordable among many families.

Food and fuel prices have over the past three months been rising at an alarming rate. A litre of fuel rose from 2580 to 3500.

In the city markets a bunch of matoke goes for 25,000 shs, transport fares in and around Kampala have also been hiked.