I'm Not Under House Arrest – Katumba Wamala Top story

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Chief of Defense Forces,General Katumba Wamala has denied claims that he is under arrest at Makindye military police prison.

Chief of Defense Forces, General Edward Katumba Wamala has refuted claims that he is under house arrest at Makindye military police prison.

General Wamala says he has heard that information is circulating on social media that he is under incarceration. He says the information is not true and that Ugandans should treat it that way.

Much as the source and intention of information is yet to be established, General Katumba Wamala thinks the idea is to drive a wedge in the UPDF that is now involved in operation to ensure peace just after elections.

///Cue in "I know and we know….
Cue Out… Katumba is under arrest"///

The information comes at the time when the army has increased army presence on the streets of Kampala just before the Electoral Commission announces the result of the February 18th Presidential elections.

He says the information is causing what he called unnecessary panic among the civilian and military population.

General Wamala says the army presence on the streets of Kampala and other parts of the country is not in any way to scare or intimidate Ugandans.

Wamala while speaking to Uganda Radio Network at one of the army office in Kololo Kampala said the army is just aimed at buttressing the Uganda Police to ensure peace after the elections.

/// Cue in "We know and …..
Cue Out… total security"///

He says the army on the streets will not make arrests but will work with the Police to provide general security to ensure that nobody's security is disturbed.

Katumba Wamala says the security situation in the country after the elections is generally peaceful and that the army wants to ensure the situation does not degenerate after the announcement of the results.  


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