Immunization Coverage Increases as Government Partners with UNICEF

The Ministry of health has announced a 97% indicator of complete immunization among children below 5 years.

The statistics indicate that all children are able to access complete immunization of measles and other preventable diseases and the immunization cycle that also covers deworming, vitamin supplements and nutrition screening.

The increment is as a result of concreted efforts between the Ministry of health, UNICEF, the local governments and worship places in a programme codenamed Family Health days.

Family health days, a supplementary of Child Days plus is currently running in more than 30 districts for the last two years. They were initiated to enable communities easily access health services especially those in hard to reach areas, thereby improving the lives of many across the country.

According to Albert Kasozi Lule, the Ministry of Health coordinator for Family health days,  more than 90% of Ugandans go to worship places and thus the programs which takes place after every four months has been able to achieve more than health centers.

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A study by UNICEF indicate that access to immunization, Nutrition studies and vitamin A supplementation, by all children in the country can reduce the mortality rate of children by two thirds (2/3).

UNICEF country representative, Aidah Girma says, while government has attempted to bring most of the services to divisional and sub- county level, most parents remain reluctant to take their children for all doses of immunization.

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She was speaking in Makindye division were UNICEF, Kampala Capital City Authority and Ministry of Health officials participated in the sixth round of Family Health Days, Sunday. Makindye is one of the under-served divisions in Kampala.

Family Health Days are organized every four months and offer a range of services from immunization of children below 5 years of age, Vitamin A supplementation, De-worming to Malnutrition screening for children below 5 years of age. They also cover ante-natal care and Post-natal care services, HIV testing and counseling for pregnant mothers and accompanying partners and blood pressure checks for older persons above 45 years



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