Inadequate Training for Bus Drivers a Trigger for Road Carnage

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Three Bus accidents involving three different drivers along three different routes over the past four days, is not just a coincidence but an alarm into the transport business. The Bus maybe the most commonest means of transport for many people in Uganda, but the strange news is that Uganda has no school for bus drivers. This has been cited as one of the factors that is leading to the high road carnage involving buses on Ugandan roads. The accidents involving buses have forced the police traffic department to review the bus transport records, to identify any deficiencies in driver training or safety requirements. The results are amazing. Franklin Kugonza, the Police inspector of vehicles says the review has revealed several deficiencies ranging from inadequate training for bus drivers and the absence of driving schools specifically designed for bus and heavy trucks drivers. Kugonza says that police has found out that most of the bus drivers were trained on an Omni-bus and no driving school in Uganda owns a bus for practical driving lessons. ///Cue in: iThey tell you# Cue out: #.driving curriculum.i/// In addition, Kugonza says that the law does not provide for the minimum experience that is required for a person to become a bus driver. While the traffic and road safety act stipulates a minimum of 5 years experience for a passenger vehicle of between 7 to 20 people, it is silent on the minimum number of years required for one to become a bus driver. Kugonza says that the law is not punitive enough on reckless drivers. There are currently no guidelines on revoking a reckless driver's permit. When taken to courts of law, the drivers usually get a caution or fine of about 100,000 shillings and then go back on the road. Kugonza says that without a stronger law and enforcement in place to ensure strict adherence to existing laws, the carnage is not about to end. Breathalyzers, highway patrols and speed guns have been confined only to urban areas leaving upcountry areas unmonitored.


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