Incumbent Buhanguzi MP Forced to Resign NRM Party Post

1951 Views Hoima, Uganda
Tom Kyahurwenda, the incumbent Buhaguzi County Member of Parliament, has come under pressure to resign his post as the district NRM Party vice chairman. Kyahurwenda was nominated on Thursday to contest for his seat on an independent ticket, after he lost the party primaries to Julius Bigirwa Junjura. Junjura, who is also the Isingiro Resident District Commissioner, says that Kyahurwenda should not contest on an independent ticket, after he lost in the party polls. Junjura argues that Kyahurwenda should have first resigned his NRM executive post and returned the party card, before coming to contest on an independent ticket. Junjura plans to petition the NRM secretariat to cause Kyahurwenda's resignation as NRM vice chairman and a return of the party card. He accuses Kyahurwenda of defying the party chairman's orders discouraging NRM members from contesting as independents after losing in primaries. Meanwhile, Kyahurwenda is not bothered by calls from his opponent. He says he has clearance from government and president Museveni, the party chairman to stand as independent. The bearded legislator says there was no level playing field in the party primaries in Buhaguzi. He claims he was manhandled and arrested by the police on polling day and his rival who he accuses of pedal influencing intimidated his supporters. Kyahurwenda, claims to have been among the group of MPs who met president Museveni to present their grievances in relation to irregularities in the party primaries and that he was cleared to stand as independent after Museveni scrutinized the complaints.


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